About GlamGrind

Hello there! I'm Angela Williams - Owner, Technical Business Analyst by trade, and Creative Director of GlamGrind. I come from a family of dynamic artists, business owners, and tech enthusiasts on both sides. What you see here is my take on the fusion of creativity and technological innovation.

GlamGrind was conceived during the 2020 pandemic. Driven by my passion for technology, love of glam, penchant for fun, and deep artistic appreciation - and inspired by a deeply profound and personal transformation - I embarked on a two-year journey studying traditional graphic design, and diving into the realms of AI Prompting. Drawing upon the wealth of business knowledge amassed during my extensive corporate America career, GlamGrind emerged as a testament to my commitment to infuse more happiness into the world, all while leveraging technology to streamline business operations.

GlamGrind isn't just a small business to turn a profit — it's a dedicated venture with a mission to spread joy, center, and celebrate Black Women in a world that is often unkind to us. I believe that one of ways that we can correct unkindness, imbalance and injustice in the world, is to use our gifts and talents to uplift others. Love is contagious.

For those contemplating a leap into the intersection of business and creativity, consider this your sign to go for it! Beyond efficiency and innovation, my aim is to inspire women who share my journey to unapologetically embrace self-love, live abundantly, and become architects of Glam in their unique image. After all, representation matters, and GlamGrind is here to empower and uplift.